How to set up and use the SolidCAM/Vericut interface
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Below are the steps to set up and run vericut using SolidCAM/Vericut integration
Initial setup
The very first thing you need to do is create Vericut Machine templates.
There are sample machines and controllers to create your own templates, or you may have been given a template by Cgtech.
You need to establish a templates folder and put your templates in this folder.
Attached is a screen shot called templates folder structure showing an example folder structure. See attached (templates folder structure.png)
Then you need to tell SolidCAM where the templates folder and the Vericut installation folders are. See attached (vericut setup.png)

Project setup
Next you need to set the Vericut Machine template that you want to use for your part verification. See attached (Part settings.png)
After everything is setup and working correctly, right click on operations in the Cam tree and select Gcode Simulators>Vericut Export>All data and Run simulation. See attached (Launch Vericut.png)

after the initial setup you will only need to do the last two steps (Project setup) to launch Vericut when ever you need to run vericut.

 templates folder structure.png (68.30 KB)
 vericut setup.png (38.03 KB)
 Part settings.png (242.74 KB)
 Launch Vericut.png (321.08 KB)
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